The Dining Room

The Dining Room


Hi guys! So, today I made our mood board for our dining room. This has pretty much everything I want or already have for our dining room. The wood wall for instance, is our actual wall in our dining room. We finished planking and staining that a few months ago. Here are a few pictures:
I made this mood board to remind myself of what I imagined for this room while Im shopping for it but also to share with all of you what I have planned for this room. So let’s get into the board:
First, the black paint represents the black buffet we currently have but also our bathroom is off of the dining room and the door to it will be painted black. The white paint represents the walls in the dining room. I want to have super light walls because the floor and the wood wall are so dark that I need something to brighten the room up.
The mirror is from Target, we currently own it and it is hanging on out planked wall above the buffet. It is a really pretty gold (brass) and it works so well on that wall because it is super light and super thin.
The light fixture is from Lowes Home improvement. I have had my eye on that chandelier for SO LONG. Michael has a few touch up spots on the ceiling he would like to fix and then we will purchase that light.
The table is NOT OUR TABLE, some of you may already know that Michael actually built our table. I put this table on our mood board for reference because our table is a similar style and color. The chairs are also the actual chairs we own. I got them from amazon and I love them. They are a great quality for the price.
The vases are also another item we currently own. Both are from Target. They can also be seen in the pictures above of the planked wall. They sit on the buffet.
The rug is from I do not own this yet but I really think it would be perfect for this space because of the color and the geometric designs of the rug.
Now for the tablescape,  the linens are all from target. I dont own any of them yet, I threw in the colorful napkin because everything was either grey or beige and I needed something lively. The placemat is to die for! I honestly think I will be ordering those as soon as I’m done typing this. The charger is from Pier1, I debated these for awhile because they are so close in color to our table and I wasn’t sure if the would match our placemats, but I think with my white plates on them along with the pop of orange/peach napkin, it will break it up enough so they dont blend too much. Lastly, the silverware,  I currently own all “silver” silverware, but i’d love to swap it all out for gold silverware. It just matches my style more. 
The overall feel for my dining room is “well-polished farm house”. I have certain farmhouse elements in here such as the table and the wood wall. But I also have clean and well polished like the gold accents. If you’ve seen any other parts of my house then you’d know I love wood accents, and I particularly love mixing deep woods with light walls and decor. I dont know how I developed that style but its worked out pretty well for me so far! I hope you love this design as much as I do. Michael and I will be placing a new patio door very soon and after that is done we will be ready to work on our walls and trim to get this project started! 
Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts!

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